Are you going to come to Georgia? We are sure you have heard a lot about amazing Georgian mountains, nature, views and breathtaking places. Now imagine if you had wings and chance to glide over these amazing places and enjoy these views from above. It sounds amazing is not it? Note that certified, Professional Tandem Pilots are the ones you will be flying with. Just trust them to take you to sky and show you hidden beauty of Greater Caucasian Mountains. After this you will never be jealous of birds for their exclusive view point (or you will be more jealous, depends on you ^_^). Are you not yet convinced? lets say like this cake can be tasty without cherry on top but cherry always makes it more elegant, special and puts a lot of emotion to it ^_^ Paragliding will be like that beautiful red cherry on to of your cake of experience. Note: just imagine videos and photos that you will take from up there with Action Cameras that we provide. We will plan and manage all boring, logistical parts. We will take you mountains and see how you enjoy your time without any worries. We have got your back, That’s what true Travel Mates do!