Wine Tasting

Where should we start… -Should we mention that Georgia Has 8,000 Years of wine making tradition (oldest in the world). -Should we say we are using same old tradition to make wine nowadays? -Should we say that Georgian way of Wine making is unique? … There is so much to be said, but no words can express what it feels to touch history, taste old drink with new story, new taste, new character etc. It all depends what are you looking for? We can take you to month long wine tour, without visiting same cellar twice ^_^ but is that what you want? Or may be you have vision how your degustation should look, what are the things you are looking for. Let us help you find the perfect, hidden gems of Georgian Wine Kingdom and guide you there… Be sure that limited time that you have, is well used. Grab 110% of memories and emotions. You deserve every drop of happiness that you can get and we are here to help you get that… Do you have a lot to dream for? Challenge Accepted! Try us and we will be your perfect Travel Mates